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 Sober Companions
& Companions For Professionals

Making Dreams Possible

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Reentering your former life after discharging from treatment can feel overwhelming and daunting to even the strongest of us.

That is why we offer our sober companion services.

Our certified recovery companion will help you navigate stressful and tempting situations. They make sure your home is clean and safe and that you continue to mentally, physically, and spiritually heal. 


Our sober companions will work as part of a team, consulting with medical or other treatment professionals to help an individual maintain a focus on recovery.

And for your loved ones, knowing there is support in place is incredibly relieving.

Sober companions are helpful working with clients at the beginning, during, or after their treatment is completed and transitioning back into their former lifestyles or with those who need to heal outside of the recognized residential treatment setting for longer-term assignments.

Sober companions may serve to:

  • Help gets clients safely to a treatment center and to support meetings.

  • A sober companion might help with the "transition" from treatment to home. In these jobs, sober companions may live with the client in their home or do 12-hour shifts to help an individual learn how to live a sober life in their community.

  • Travel with an individual for a particular event, such as a family reunion or a business meeting.

  • Support people who are not in a position to go-to treatment for addiction where companions will live in or travel with a client for months or a year.

  • Work with clients who might be on tour, working on a TV show or film, or living in a remote area where there is little support for a sober lifestyle.

  • Our sober companions travel world-wide and seamlessly fit into personal and professional settings while working cohesively with treatment centers, therapists, doctors, interventionists, and families.

  • Work with those who have a drive & desire or need to heal outside of the recognized residential treatment setting for longer-term assignments.

Sober Companions are devoted to protecting our client's privacy and committed to the highest standards. Our companions are knowledgeable and know your struggles first-hand.


"Never look down to test the ground before taking your next step only those who keeps their eyes fixed on the far horizon will find the right road."


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Next Recovery understands the difficulties of early recovery while keeping up with a profession.


That is why we offer the invaluable comprehensive service of certified recovery companions for professionals.


There is no reason why recovery cannot fit into your professional life.

All our recovery companions are dedicated to keeping our clients' confidentiality,

and your companion will seamlessly fit into any professional setting and conduct themselves as part of your professional team.


Having a Next Recovery Companion by your side can increase your chances of a lifetime of sustained recovery, success, and growth in your profession and the extraordinary life you imagined.


Recovery companions for professionals will:


  • work with clients who might be on tour  working on a TV show or film

  • travel worldwide, and seamlessly fit into personal and professional settings and events 

  • accompany our clients to professional obligations like CME courses, out-of-town conferences, or even business lunches, parties, client meetings

  • accompanying clients during sports training camps and or during the season to secure recovery 

  • help fulfill the obligations of recovery to retain or reinstate professional licensing

  • helping to find the balance between work and recovery


Having a sober companion there for all the 'Nexts' in your life will give you the best chance of realizing your true potential. 


Please contact us or call 352.363.9709

Review our brochures for more information.

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