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Success Stories

Ben D.

My name is Benjamin D. and; I am a drug addict and alcoholic.  I admitted myself into rehab for my drug problem, thinking that it would go away after I got out. Throughout rehab, I learned the process of getting sober and how to stay sober. I also learned that people with the highest success rate often go through sober living after treatment to remain sober. I thought Next recovery would make the best fit for the lifestyle I wanted to live.

Clint Britton, the owner of Next Recovery, took me in and guided me through the transition of being in the free world. Next Recovery's company encouraged and
taught me to be the best possible version of myself. Every week the team met up with me and asked how I was doing emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Next Recovery opened up many doors and gave me opportunities that I did not think were possible while in active addiction and treatment. They also gave me a safe place with accountability and meetings to attend to build a sober network that has kept me in recovery.

They have taken us on trips to the springs, Tennessee, and great outings weekly throughout the past year. While participating in these activities, I learned that it was possible to have fun and make friends while being sober. Friends who actually care about my well-being and not how they can benefit from it.

Next recovery opened up a world that I thought did not exist. Clint and Zach provided a comfy house to live in, unlike most sober houses where the place is like a compound and everyone is using. They did a great job managing the house and what goes on to keep everyone safe. They are people that really care about each one of us on an individual basis and encouragement. They helped me get back on my feet, and in school, my GPA went from being 0.6 to 3.8.  

I owe my life to Clint and Zach at Next Recovery for giving me a second chance, and I strongly suggest to anyone getting out of treatment that this house is the best place to go for a fresh start and a new life. I am proud to live.

Mark H.

Thank you for helping us get our son back and healthy.”

Kelly and I both felt it sounded so amazing and a perfect fit for our son.  To say our expectations have been exceeded would be a huge understatement. We have our son back and he has grown into the man we could only dream of seeing in him. Those are powerful words coming from a father. Thank you beyond words, you all are truly such amazing blessings in our life!

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