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Intervention Services

Acceptance Of Treatment Plans


"The first step to success is to not give yourself any other options." 

Addiction is like a tornado destroying everyone in its path. It affects loved ones in some form or other, financially, emotionally, or physically.


As the addict continues on this destructive path, they leave loved ones a limited course of action to help. 


Working with a professional to perform an intervention on the addict with family and friends can help to achieve success.


An interventionist is a professional individual experienced in the most effective ways to run an intervention, giving it the best chance for success.


This professional aids families with every step of the process, from choosing the people involved in the intervention, and structuring the event to running the actual intervention and escorting the individual to treatment should they agree to get help.


Staging an intervention is often an initial recommended course of action for family members and friends when they are concerned about a loved one. 

Organizing an intervention is not an easy thing to do, which is why many people look to a professional interventionist for help. These professionals plan and stage the intervention, guiding loved ones through the entire process from start to finish.


Ultimately, when professional interventionists are involved, the chances of a successful intervention are increased.


At Next Recovery, our certified intervention professionals work with the addict's circle of support to create an effective plan to confront the addict and help them accept a treatment plan. 


Next Recovery believes that it is our privilege to be a part of helping family and friends who have lost hope in their loved one's suffering from addiction.


Working with a Next Recovery intervention specialist, you will find that you have positively impacted the addict's chance of a successful recovery journey.


If you or your loved one is lost in addiction, please contact us or call us at 352.363.9709 for a confidential consultation. 

Review our brochures for more information.

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