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Online Skills Classes & Entrepreneurial Mentorships

Turning Your Passion Into Success


"You don't need to take all the steps, only the next one." 

“When I first entered recovery, it was strongly suggested that recovery become my number one priority in life. I was told if I adopted and maintained this concept, all would be well. While it sounds like a cliché, it is true. My own passion I have cultivated for my recovery led me to my business success. As both a recovering addict and entrepreneur, in order to not just survive but thrive in this high-stress atmosphere, I make it a point to consciously negotiate the core principles of recovery — acceptance, surrender, trust, hope, and faith — into my life each day.”

~Dr. Harold Jonas is in recovery for heroin addiction. CEO of Sober Network Inc.

In addiction individuals are too often on the wrong side of the Digital Divide (the separation between individuals who know how to use a computer and appreciate the value of computer skills and those who do not)—greatly restricted in his or her ability to be competitive in today’s world.


Finding a job in recovery has always been a challenge. Some addicts are not able to keep a steady schedule. Others are concerned about the perceived stigma of hiring former addicts.


Yet studies show that having a job and financial independence helps strengthen the chances of long-term recovery.


With this knowledge, Next Recovery offers one of the few recovery programs in entrepreneurship in digital fields. These online classes include:

  • Web development

  • Writing for the web

  • Blogging

  • Search engine optimization

  • Social marketing

  • Professional Mentorship  


Once the students have completed the courses, the staff helps them develop as entrepreneurs and market themselves to potential employers or clients.


Next Recovery plans to expand the course offerings to include programming, database management, and more.


When an individual becomes financially independent it increases self-worth and self-reliance and a better chance for long-term recovery.


Next Recovery believes in intensive, holistic treatment, including developing marketable skills to help our clients become economically independent and spiritually and physically whole.

Please contact us or call 352.363.9709 to learn more about this program and all the other recovery services Next Recovery has to offer.

Review our brochures for more information.

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