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Our Team

Our Staff

Next Recovery is a level 2 FARR-certified organization.


The owner Clint Britton and the team at Next Recovery make it their mission to maintain open and clear communication with our clients and, just as importantly, their families.


We are dedicated to creating an individualized, holistic, intensive recovery plan for each resident. Each program strives to address each client's psychological, spiritual, financial, and educational needs.


Our staff provides:

  • Maintains excellent communication between the individual and the treatment professionals.

  • Support the client's long-term sobriety by introducing the individual to a new community in a sober life.

  • Use peer support to help share unique solutions to recovery issues.

  • Provide consistent, non-judgmental support.

  • Create families within sober houses by establishing boundaries and rebuilding trust.

  • Help our clients to retrain and rethink how to change patterns of failure into hope and success strategies in long-term sober living. 


Do you or your loved one need help? Are you frightened about what your next steps will be out of treatment? Then contact us now.


We want to learn more about your needs. So please contact us and let us know how we can help create a practical, individual recovery success plan for you or your loved one.


Contact us by email or call  352.363.9709

Review our brochures for more information.

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