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Sober Homes

Your Best Chance For Success


"Don't be concerned about the size of your next's the direction that matters!" 

We are not a treatment center or medical facility. We provide men and women with comprehensive, holistic, sober living environments. 

Check out photos of our recovery homes :

Review our brochure: Next Recovery Homes Brochure




Statistics show the people who leave a treatment facility to return home have a relapse rate of 90% or higher within the first year! That percentage is cut to 50% after just three months in a sober living environment. 

The longer one can remain in sober living, the higher the chance of maintaining a healthy and happy life in sobriety. 


For a minimum of six months, a sober living home is a vital way station on the road to recovery, easing the transition into the real world. 


At Next Recovery’s healthy and sober living homes, we help significantly reduce the chances of relapse after treatment by helping you acquire skills for independence, learning new tools to deal with your life's challenges, and achieving your goals.


Next Recovery in sunny Gainesville, Fl, is home to the University of Florida. We offer FARR 2 certified sober living residences that provide the amenities you need and are clean, comfortable, and secure. 


Our homes are located in friendly, safe neighborhoods close to public transportation, 12 step meetings, the University, outdoor activities, and cultural events. 


Gainesville has a robust sober community, including many AA, NA, and other anonymous recovery groups available all over the city. The Gainesville area offers you many benefits in terms of socializing with others who are actively involved in the recovery process.


Whether you're currently living in Florida or out of state, living the "sober lifestyle" in Gainesville offers many opportunities that are often unseen elsewhere around the country.


We offer safe, healthy, sober living for women and sober living housing for men. 


You are not alone on this challenging journey. We know first-hand what it’s like to be at the beginning journey of recovery. We understand the value of being part of a community where continued recovery is everyone’s overall goal.


To help you achieve your goals, we offer these services:


Life Coaching/Skills Recovery Coaches

Comprehensive Recovery Management

• Effective Communication Skills 

• Relapse Prevention Skills 

• Budget Balancing 

• Career Consulting 

• Academia Consulting 

• Job Placement Assistance 

Entrepreneurship Courses in Digital Fields 


Our services are also available to individuals who cannot live in a sober home but want to have the benefits of acquiring the knowledge and the skills they need to help them have the best chance for their recovery.


If you are genuinely interested in knowing what life can be like without addiction's hardships, it’s time to call Next Recovery. 


Our sober living community and recovery services offer hope at a time when you need it most. Whether you’re looking for help for yourself or someone you care about, you can contact us by phone at 352.363.9709 or email us.

Review our Next Recovery brochure for more information.

Here are some photos of our recovery homes. Our homes are FARR 2 certified, safe, sober, and offer holistic and effective training.  Giving you the foundation you need to create long-term sobriety.

Photos of men & women's houses
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