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Recovery Rides

Recovery Is A Life-Long Journey


"You don't need to take all the steps.

Only the next one. "

"You don't need to take all the steps.

Only the next one. "

The path to recovery takes time and dedication. 


Having and maintaining a solid recovery plan can make the difference in your long term recovery. That is why we are dedicated to offering Comprehensive Recovery Management services.


Our Recovery Managers are here to help you whether you are transitioning into a sober living home or completing treatment and going home.


Our Recovery Managers assist with:


  •  A comprehensive and intensive individualized aftercare plan based on recommendations of the referring treatment team and clinical needs based on Next Recovery’s continuing assessment

  • A treatment plan that outlines clear goals and measurable objectives to help you achieve these goals

  • Coordinate with monitoring through random urinalysis and breathalyzer testing 

  • Be your main point of contact with the recovery support team, including family, friends, and co-workers, to help promote a more conducive environment for recovery  

  • Provide ongoing support and skills training to teach you essential skills to help with your recovery 

  • Monitor attendance compliance with other treatment professionals as determined by the continuing care plan developed by the treatment center and Next Recovery


With any recovery journey, we know that a relapse is possible. Our Recovery Managers can help to identify behaviors to avoid relapse. If relapse does occur, we are right there to intervene immediately to prevent further damage caused by a long term relapse.


You and your family are never alone during your everyday struggles. You have an advocate and ally ready to guide you in the right direction and help you create sustained sobriety and the life that you always imagined.


At Next Recovery, we want you to focus on what matters most: healing your mind, body, and spirit without distraction.


Please contact us to learn more about our recovery case management and relapse prevention services. 


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