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Leaving The Treatment Nest & Learning How To Fly

Jumping from treatment center back into the real world increases the

chances for relapse. Sober living gives you a fighting chance.

Sober for Life, at Next Recovery

Here is the problem with rehab; you are completely isolated from the outside world. Yes, it is best to get sober in a controlled, treatment environment where you can learn the basics of recovery and build a foundation for sobriety. But I know from experience that discharge date can seem daunting as the next step approaches.

Luckily, there are sober houses in Florida where the newly sober can integrate themselves back into society with help. I had the pleasure of living at Next Recovery sober living in Gainesville, Florida and it has made all the difference in helping me to stay sober.

Your New Sober Lifestyle

Some may be eager to jump straight from the treatment nest and go back to school or work life in an all too familiar home (I know I was). Trying to quickly adapt to the responsibility and stress of the real world is tough and spells relapse for some (It did for me!) The accountability and structure of a sober living house near you relieves that burden and makes the path to lasting sobriety easier (It sure does!).

What is a sober house and is there a sober house near me?

Simply put, sober houses are:

  1. Private residences run by treatment centers or individuals, which are made for people in early sobriety. Next Recovery ia situated in a nice, safe neighborhood close to transportation and the University of Florida.

  2. Sober houses are everywhere and most likely there is one nearby. The best way to find one, info ie: your treatment center recommendations. Look for the FARR (Florida Association of Recovery Residencies) certification.

  3. The Sober house rules provide structure and services to its occupants as well as life skills, recovery coaching and case management. Each house comes with its own set of rules and price tag. The most effective sober houses will have required curfews, drug testing, and be gender specific residences. Sorry, no Three’s Company scenarios here!

1) Sober House Rules

With drug testing, curfew checks, potential house groups and meeting requirements, it will be damn near impossible to slack off on your recovery program. Most sober houses have a zero-tolerance policy for relapse or some stiff consequence, so there is some extra motivation to stay sober that wouldn’t exist on your own.

2) Sober For Life

Sure, you could move back home after treatment, but that’s probably where you did a lot of drinking and using your goal is a path to a life of sobriety. You love your family, but they can be tough to deal with in early sobriety. Living in a new sober environment allows you to work, go to school, have a social life, and be part of the world. Without the triggers and stress of being thrown immediately into the deep end of the pool.

3) Connection

One of the most important parts of recovery is talking to other addicts and alcoholics. If you're anything like me, the phone weighs a thousand pounds and talking to strangers at the end of a meeting is as awkward as asking a girl to dance at the Junior High prom. In sober houses, another addict is just across the dining room. Living with other people who share the same problem and have had similar experiences makes them accessible and easy to bond with. I’ve made some life-long friendships with my housemates at Next Recovery.

4) Treatment-like Groups

Some sober houses have groups like the ones you’d find in a treatment center. These can be helpful. The groups aren’t as frequent or intense as the ones in rehab, so you’ll be sure to forget about your treatment burnout. You'll look forward to the check-ins, therapeutic benefits, and extra daily structure. Sober house groups often provide the necessary motivation and accountability to build on recovery and life goals.

5) Sober Fun!

Sober living isn’t at all super serious 24/7. A lot of fun can be had, especially at Next Recovery in Gainesville, Florida. You may be a local or from out of town, but you’ll get to know the finer aspects of the city with various outings and activities. Imagine kayaking down crystal-clear rivers on a Sunday afternoon, or breathing in the aromas of thousands of multicolored flowers at a botanical garden on a Thursday. Imagine dining at all the best places in town and even taking classes on the side to learn new skills. If it wasn’t for Next Recovery I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of writing for the web through the classes they provided. It’s why I’m writing this blog. Woah, that’s trippy, and no psychedelics were necessary!

6) Sober for life

Not all sober houses are created equal, but the better ones are often run by people who care deeply about their resident's sobriety (i.e. Next Recovery). And they understand because they have walked in your shoes. When finding a job seems impossible, when you’re stuck in a rut, when you’re struggling, never hesitate to ask the staff for help. They do wonders in helping those who are early in sobriety move forward and leave the house with new life skills, recovery skills and a sense of anything is possible.

Sober Life Recovery

Getting and staying sober is a lifelong journey, and staying in a sober house for a minimum of 6 months can be an integral part of the process. Early recovery is often a shaky and confusing time, and a sober house near you can keep you and your sobriety safe and secure.

If you have any questions about sober house living please contact us at or call 352.363.9709.

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