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Answers To Your Sober Home Questions

  • I have/know a family member/friend who is currently in a treatment center, but is scheduled to be released soon. I would like him/her to enter Next Recovery House’s program. How does that work?"
    Fill the application or website or contact Next Recovery to schedule a phone interview
  • Are residents allowed to have cell phones?
    Yes, they can bring their own personal cell phones. Next Recovery does not offer landlines in the homes but can be reached on Next Recovery's offline line.
  • Does Next Recovery House provide food to residents?
    No, each resident is responsible for their own food, meals. On Next Recovery outings, food will be provided at no additional cost.
  • Is there a curfew at Next Recovery Houses?
    Yes, the curfew is 10pm every night including weekends, unless approved by staff member.
  • Do I get my own bedroom?
    You can depending on availability and which plan you sign-up for.
  • What kind of help do you offer?
    The services offered at our homes are: • Life Coaching/Skills Recovery Coaches • Comprehensive Life Management • Effective Communication Skills • Relapse Prevention Skills • Budget Balancing • Career Consulting • Academia Consulting • Job Placement Assistance • Entrepreneurship Courses in Digital Fields
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